Week of February 20th
1. Students will pick topics for the 2017 MC Sparks essay contest. The topic should relate to the ideas of soil and life. I have some documents posted to help get them started.
2. When they are finished with their essays, students should --
a. finish writing their personal narratives. We are using two mentor texts, one written by me and chapter 5 of Good Old Boy, to help them write their stories.
b. begin revising their stories.
c. conduct a mini research project that relates to the book Good Old Boy by Willie Morris
d. read chapters 6-8 of Good Old Boy in class. The audio files for the book are located at the bottom of this page.
Google Classroom
Here is a link for tips on how to access Google classroom on a cell phone or tablet. You will need multiple apps to be able to turn in assignments.

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Remind Updates

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 A White Bus Words Subinating Conj..pdf
Coordinating and Subordinating Conjunctions
 Paragraph Checklist.docx
Passed out on 8-31
Use this to edit and revise your descriptive paragraph.
 paragraph descriptive rubric.pdf
Rubric for descriptive paragraph (Due Aug. 29 at 10 am)
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